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Printing Prices

 prints - unmounted
4x6     $5
5x7     $10
8x10    $22
8x8     $22

8 wallets $12 (rounded edge)
24 wallets $32 (rounded edge)

 wall prints – mounted
10x10 $35
11x14 $48
12x12 $55
16x20 $85
20x20 $100
20x24 $125
20x30 $155
24x30 $170
24x36 $200
30x40 $220

 canvas wraps – ready to hang (1.5 inch depth)
8x10   $80
10x10 $100
11x14 $120
12x12 $150
16x20 $200
20x20 $225
20x24 $250
20x30 $275
24x30 $300
24x36 $320

30x40 $370



Flat and Folded Cards

Die Cut Cards
  left to right: 5x5 scaloped circle, 5x7 ornate, 5x7 scaloped rectangle, 5x5 scaloped square, 5x5 circle

Sizes Pricing:
All cards come in packs of 25 with envelopes and are double sided on thick professional cardstock.
These are prices for common sizes, but just ask if you want more options.
I'd say 90% of my orders are in pearl and I personally love the look.

5x5 flat - lustre $37 , pearl $40
5x5 folded - lustre $49 , pearl $57
5x5 trifold - lustre $57 , pearl $65
5x7 flat - lustre $37, pearl $40
5x7 folded - lustre $49 , pearl $57
4x5.5 folded - lustre $57, pearl $65

Add $5 per pack for die cut
Order over 300 cards and receive a 10% discount. Over 500 get 15% off.

Now you know which card you want, check out my designs...



Here are 16 of my most popular storyboard (or collages) templates. They can be left plain or customized to your taste.

Storyboard Pricing:
Storyboards come backed with matboard so they are ready to frame or displayed on an easel.
8x10 - $32
10x20 - $50
16x20 - $115
20x20 - $155

Coffee Table Books & Albums

Coffee Table Books
Use these books as a simple way to cherish your session or special event. 
not hingedhinged

They can also be used as a reception sign in book!

These guest sign in books are great to display at your reception and makes a stylish keepsake to always remember your special day. They can come with blank pages for guest's signitures or you can even allow your guests to leave a story or advice for the couple with an interactive version full of writing prompts.

Book Pricing
Books include custom covers. Prices are for 20 pages, contact me for other page amounts.
8x8 - $125 (second copy of same book - $75)
10x10 $150 (second copy of same book $190)
12x12 $175 (second copy of same book $105)
Add metallic cover $10
Add hinged binding $25
Albums are much like coffee table books but with thicker pages and a thicker leather cover. These can be used for anything from a newborn to wedding. They quality is exceptional and they are life long pieces to cherish your memories.

Click on coffee table books or albums in categories to see designs...

Contact me for album pricing!


Mini Accordian Albums

These cute little things are 3x3 and great for any occasion! Notice the hard front and back covers making these brag books easy to take with you.
These come in sets of 3 for $50

Click mini albums above to check out my different designs...


Wall arrangements

Figuring out how to hang your pictures can be one of the hardest parts of ordering. Let me help you with these custom arrangements. Just let me know if you need me to pop your pictures in the slots so you can get a good visual of what your wall space can transform to. The best part...order any of the wall arrangements with 3 or more pictures and get 10% off. Wahoo!

Here's an example with pictures...


I am so excited about these frames...

left to right (shape and size):
Ellie-Buttercup, Lucy-Apricot, June-Lily Pad, Eva-Tahitian Sky, Mary Ann-Pink Peony

These are all the available shapes and colors. So cute!
These are all handmade and awesome quality. They take around 15 business days to arrive.

Frame Prices (just frames, price doesn't include pictures)

4x6     $63
5x5     $63
5x7     $63
5x10   $63
5x30   $135
7x10   $63
8x8     $63
8x10   $72
8x12   $87
10x10  $90
10x15  $135
10x20  $180
10x30  $207
11x14  $138
11x16  $159
12x12  $129
12x18  $195
12x24  $260
15x30  $311
16x20  $221
16x24  $266
20x20  $276
20x24  $332